Have you heard about calf 269?

I hadn’t heard of the story of calf 269 until a few days ago. I’m not even sure what surfing combination of keywords or wonky links lead me to the story but the impact was real. I was a simple idea really. Give a name and a face to the millions of animals that are killed everyday for the meat industry. This group rescued and profiled a calf destined for slaughter and it triggered a response in people – brilliant.

The group then took it a step further, and created a demonstration where they lined up for tattoos inscribing the “269” label as tribute and reminder that each animal has value and experiences the ultimate suffering. In an even more shocking move, some of the demonstrators lined up and received brands of the “269” moniker on their arms and chests. The images are powerful and the statement is both bold and gut wrenching.

While many probably see this as fringe behaviour, I see it as compassion. To be so in touch with another being that you see the value in marking your life to support theirs is quite amazing. Not many of us are willing to go as far for animals or even another human being. We must stand for something – less suffering, more compassion, better health and a sustainable environment. Eliminating animal agriculture will contribute significantly to achieving all of these goals.

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